Velkommen til ROM 8 og en samarbeidskonferanse som er initiert av Bergen Center For Electronic Art (BEK) and Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen den 27. januar.

The two day seminar in January, led by professor Hilde Hauan at the Department of Fine Art, will question hybrid, intervened and collaborative artworks.  How has the artwork been created? Who has the ownership of the artwork? How do ideas and methods from one practice get translated into another? How do we deal with compromise and negotiation in the process of collaborative work?

What about the social, cultural or political position of the artwork? What about the economy, how to share the expenses or the payment?

About the Seminar programme:

Wednesday 27 January 2016

11:00AM            Welcome by Hilde Hauan

11:10AM            Introduction by moderator Øystein Hauge

11:30AM            Presentation by Jeremy Welsh / Trond Lossius / Jon Arne Mogstad: film/sound/visual

12:00AM            Marit Følstad / Ole Jørgen Ness: Video/Painting

12.30AM            Maia Urstad / Hilde Hauan: Fiberoptic/Sound

13:00AM            Lunch

14:00AM            Frans Jacobi: SYNSMASKIN

14:30AM            Eamon O´Kane: Collaborations

15:00AM            Kjersti Sundland: Works

15:30AM            Hilde Hauan/Jon Arne Mogstad: RE:MAKE / RE:ALISE

16:00AM           Coffèe/Questions and Discussions

To participate please contact the life long learning coordinator anne-len.thoresen(at) before 26 January. The participation fee is 150NOK

For more information about the seminar email Hilde.Hauan(at)

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