Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008 preparations

Two days before the prototypes for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008 have to be finished, there is full activity among the sixteen participating KHiB students, but also some visible nerves. After six weeks of hard work, three of them spent in the planning process and three of them in the constructing phase, only the final touch remains.

Picture (top): Assistant Professor Øyvind Eide supervising design student Helene Årvik Berg. Photo: Peter Klasson

This year's task for the bachelor students has been to make products for resting situations in public areas like waiting rooms, reception halls, lounges etc. The result is diverse; there are chairs, tables, lamps, a bench and also a kind of wardrobe.

The students will exhibit their prototypes in the Greenhouse, which is the special section for selected international design schools and newly-qualified designers. Many of today's leading designers had their breakthrough in the Greenhouse, where the talented newcomers get to show their prototypes and meet producers in the furniture industry.

Lounge chair for waiting area
Stine Tynes is making a lounge chair. It's small and neat, and is meant to stand alone. What remains of the work is to cover the chair with a sharp green material which will make the chair visible in a large room. At the moment the cover is at a furniture upholsterer, and she is a bit nervous about the outcome.

- I even had nightmares about it, she says. I'm so excited to see if the special effect I have been working on will become as I planned.

Although she hasn't got great hopes of being picked up by a producer, Stine is very excited about participating at the fair, and is looking forward to see all the KHiB-student's prototypes finished and together at the exhibition area.

Lars Olav Dybdahl - forberedelser 2008

Lounge chair for multi purpose
Lars Olav Dybdahl is as well working on a lounge chair. Although it is mainly made for waiting areas in office landscapes, it will also be suitable for private use. He is making his prototype in laminate which he will cover with veneer. The chair is made in one piece, has got smooth edges and angles, and already looks quite comfortable. What's left to do is upholster the chair in a light material.

- I still have a way to go but am quite certain I will be finished, Lars says, fairly confident.

Seaweed shaped lamp
Hildegunn Senneseth is inspired by the ocean. She is making a lamp shaped as seaweed. She wanted to make something light and landed on plexiglass as the main material.

- I wished to do something I've never done before, Hildegunn says. As I've neither made a lamp nor worked with plexiglass before, the process has been a great challenge. To be able to shape the glass I had to heat it up and then use air pressure to make the bubbles. In the end, to make the frosty effect, I used glass blowing. The lamp is named MeerLuz, which is a mixture of German and Portuguese, and means ocean light.

Wondering what the finished prototyupes look like?


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Text: Ingrid Endal / Photos: Peter Klasson

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