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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2007

A very important part of being a design student at KHiB is the possibillity to participate at the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2007.

Pictur (top): In Mid-january of 2007, Andreas Serigstads yet uncompleted prototype of a rocking chair titled "Redefining history. Mod. 1206". Andreas plans to put it on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2007. Photo: Peter Klasson

17 students are admitted to Stockholm after a in-house selection. Apart from designing prototypes and concepts, the students also design and build their own stand. It all starts on Wednesday 7 February 2007.




Going to Stockholm: spacesaving chairs by Atle Tveit.

Going to Stockholm: "Bat" by Irene Birkeland.

Going to Stockholm: "Copenhagen" by Lars Tornøe.

The works by KHiB students are on display in a special part of the large trade show known as the "Greenhouse". Greenhouse is the special section for selected international design schools and newly-qualified designers - individuals with more creative energy than financial muscle. The aim is to create the opportunity for exciting meetings and fruitful partnerships between the industry of today and the design profiles of tomorrow.

It is Professor Dave Vikøren and Professor Petter Bergerud at Dept of Design that hold the pressure up and sort out the practical problems. A large group of BA students at design will be travelling over to see and experience the Stockholm Fair.

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