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-Seeing the Big Picture through Gelassenheit. My goal in the MA research project is to transform the art of photography into the medium of crystallizing time and space through the catalyst "empty mind", "free mind", "Buddha mind" or "creative unconsciousness" that are all synonyms of the same particular state of mind.

Excerpt from "EARTH-BASED PSYCHOLOGY" by Arnold Mindell PhD :

Uncertainty is painful; it is sometimes even connected to depression and anxiety.  Using only your rational mind can make you feel disoriented, even abandoned at some elementary level, or at least uncertain and anxious.  To the contrary, the deepest and irrational mind (irrational according to the everyday self, that is) doesn't doubt; it simply is, and in that is-ness is a sense of connection to the whole of the universe.  Nonetheless, the uncertainty of the rational mind is not solely "bad," for it bugs you and motivates you to relativize the conflict between viewpoints, with the overarching experience of the big U.

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Uncertainty is not only psychologically unsettling and destructive.  Uncertainty inspires some to pray and others to dream and connect to something more inclusive and relativistic.

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Heisenberg realized this motivating potential of uncertainty because, according to him, physics is part of a historical process in which consciousness widens.  Through the openness of physics "to all kinds of concepts, it raises the hope that in the final state of unification, many different cultural traditions may live together and may combine different human endeavors into a new kind of balance between thought and deep feeling, between activity and meditation."

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