Cecilia Jonsson: The original arrangement was for a solo violin and a string orchestral

I have begun to believe that plants can remember and display memory, or that certain type of plants can be looked upon as a hydraulic machine which can grasp, hold, process and preserve - not only toxic materials from the natural environment, but more precise magnetised information contained with musical tones about nature.

(Image top, with subtitle):  104 hours. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Stokowski/New philharmonia orchestra, reel-to-reel tape, metal tool

From Charles Darwin to NASA, from Cleve Baxter to Vivaldi, from the African dream root Silene to the Stinging nettle to the Red baron. From dump outs to harvestable plants biomass. Why silence is sound. From the technique of the wire recorder to the reel-to-reel tape to the computer and earth's gravity to an artificial magnetic field in space. The work is about plants rather than a scientific process per se, and as such, it is a work about politics, passion and poetry. Above all, it is about the dual aspect to let plants, be plants and to reveal their beauty within.


Iron reveals my printed words on paper, iron as in the colour in my blood, iron as the evolution of metal hyper accumulating plants, iron as in the tool and meaning to brand. Iron as nurture and medium to keep my memories safely, iron as the element forming the Earth. Iron as magnetic particles on my reel-to-reel tape, iron as a ferrous information which I persistently try to feed my plants with, iron as in large amounts are toxic and impose environmental problems. Iron as in dealing with cellular respiration, oxidation and reduction in plants, iron as in steel in my sculptural constructions, iron as the hidden numbers to my credit card, iron as in the mythology and folklore of the world and iron that store billions of bits of digital information on my hard drive.


Take a metal that can be magnetized and put it next to a coil of wire with an electric current running through it. The coil will produce a magnetic field that will magnetize the metal. Move the coil along the metal such as a wire made from iron. The magnetism along the metal will vary with the strength of the current in the coil. Attach the coil to a microphone, and you can record your voice on the metal. Remove the microphone and attach a speaker and move the coil along the wire again and you will faintly hear your voice playing back. Add an amplifier between the coil and the speaker and your voice will be louder. Change the metal to a magnetized tape and you have the cassette player. Now change the tape to the root of an iron hyper accumulating plant.

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