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Velkommen til å benytte Artists' books i biblioteket. Teori og andre bøker om Artists' books kan du låne med deg ut.

Artists' Books i KHiB Biblioteket
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Zineoteket folder (PDF). Her finner du en beskrivelse hvordan gå frem om du har en Zine eller Kunstnerbok (Artists' Book) å selge til KHiB Biblioteket / Here you will find a description on what to do if you have a Zine or  Artists' Book   to sell the KHiB Library


Artists' Books Online | "Artists' Books Online is designed to promote critical engagement with artists books and to provide access to a digital repository of metadata, scans, and commentary. The project serves several different communities: artists, scholars and critics, librarians and curators, and interested readers. ABsOnline operates as an online collection with curatorial guidelines established by an advisory board of professionals. Founded in 2004 ABsOnline is an ongoing project hosted at the University of Virginia under the direction of Johanna Drucker and with assistance from staff and interns working with the University Library and its units in digital scholarship," sitert fra websiden


Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam) | "Since it first was launched in the year 2000, this web site has remained basically the same. We just added to or took off it, or renewed where and when necessary. We never touched the structure of it. All this time the drawing above with the three words beneath it has been the cover image. By getting used to it, this drawing became so to say the Boekie Woekie logo. Since years it is also to be found on our stationary. Way back in the nineties it appeared as far as I remember for the first time on the cover of a sales catalogue as we printed them in those years. Later the web site really was meant to take over the catalogues' function (...)," sitert fra (og les mer på) websiden

Book Arts91px.png

Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UK | "Artists' books have emerged as an energetic contemporary artform over the last forty years. Developing from their last materialisation in the 1960s as a way of bypassing the constraints of the gallery; as a vehicle for the dissemination of ideas and a radical format of bringing art to a wider public through artists self-publishing their work. This notion of making art in an affordable non-wall based format led to the growth of what we now recognise as the artist's book, from traditional printed matter to e-books.

As part of our research we explore many aspects of artists' publishing: from the conception and history of the artist's book to creative processes and output, current developments and critical assessments of the subject. Through our research projects and collaborations, we hope to widen critical discourse within the book arts field," sitert fra about us, websiden


Book Works (London) | "Established in 1984, Book Works is an art commissioning organisation specialising in artists' books, spoken word and printed matter. We are dedicated to supporting new work by emerging artists, and our projects are initiated by invitation, open submission, and through guest-curated projects. Book Works consists of a publishing and commissioning department; and a studio specialising in binding, box-making and multiples," sitert fra websiden


Johanna Drucker (USA)


JAB - The Journal of Artists' Books | IP recognition within the KHiB computer network through the database Art&Architecture Complete | "The Journal of Artists' Books provides a platform for both theoretical and creative expression. As a forum for the study of artists' books, JAB publishes critical and theoretical articles, reviews of artists' books and exhibitions, and commentary on conferences and and other book art-related activities. JAB also regularly showcases creative work in the form of artists' statements and artist-designed pages and covers," sitert fra websiden


Perro Verlag (Canada) | "Established in 2005, Perro Verlag is an idea that grew out of collaborative drawing sessions, comics exhibitions and barbecues at Lucky's Comics in Vancouver. Perro Verlag's roots go back to the energy of 1970s artist's mimeo magazines in which the page became an alternative exhibition space for artists to work in. As Edit deAk, a founding editor of Art-Rite, said about that magazine's run: it was "a restless but friendly, constantly evolving entity." This is an editorial vision that Perro Verlag strives to emulate, working as we do without the constraining net of government funding requiring stability of intent and focus, and sound budgets expressed in spreadsheets," sitert fra websiden


Printed Matter (USA) | "Printed Matter is the world''s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. Founded as a for-profit alternative arts space in 1976 by artists and artworkers, Printed Matter reincorporated in 1978 to become the independent non-profit organization that it is today (...) Recognized for years as an essential voice in the increasingly diversified art world conversations and debates, Printed Matter is dedicated to the examination and interrogation of the changing role of artists' publications in the landscape of contemporary art," sitert fra websiden

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