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Work Study

The artistic research project 'Work Study' started out from the idea of efficiency of action and movement related to production at the former Spode factory, site of 230 years ceramic manufacturing. Recording systems and notations from processes form the starting point for examining and acting out the absurdity of lost production and community in exchange with different dialogue partners.

The project is part of the larger Artistic Research project Topographies of the Obsolete.

The work is developed from several residencies on the former factory site, which gave the opportunity for physical involvement, archival research and a variety of dialogues alike. Archives of schemes for following up, exercising and renewing working processes were found spread over the floor of an office space in the Work Study Department. The work study system was turned hollow and absurd with the ending of production, which happened due to outsourcing of production to Asia. The project aims at examining and acting out this absurdity as a futile attempt of reconciliation of the human condition in the process of change.

The project was presented in form of the on-site installation 'Work Study (Exercises in Creating a Short Circuit)', as part of 'Vociferous Void', a group exhibition shown at The British Ceramic Bienniale 2013.  

introduction to Work Study (Exercises in Creating a Short Circuit) - part1 pdf

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