Nina Malterud

Nina Malterud

Telefon:55 58 73 18/ 91 69 62 12
Kontor:Rom 305B, 3. etasje, Strømgaten 1

Nina Malterud has worked at Bergen Academy of Art and Design since 1994.

She was professor in ceramics 1994-2002, vice rector 1999-2002 and rector 2002-2010. She contributed in establishing the national Programme for Artistic Research ( ) in 2003 and is a member of the steering committee for this until 2014.

From August 2012 she is engaged for one year as senior adviser 20%, with her main focus on preparing an application for KHiB to get accreditation to be a Specialised University, and on developing the research registration system CRIStin (  together with the other Norwegian art educations.

Malterud has also in 2012 a part time engagement as senior adviser for Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has a broad experience related to evaluation and accreditation processes, from KHiB and also from Sweden, working for the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, Vetenskapsrådet and the Faculty for Fine, Applied and performing arts, University of Gothenburg.

In September 2012 Malterud is showing new works at Kunstnerforbundet ( - her first solo exhibition in ten years.

Nina Malterud was educated in Oslo 1971-74 and has worked with ceramics since 1975, the first 20 years at Frysja Kunstsenter in Oslo, where she enjoyed a close collaboration with Beth Wyller and Lisbet Dæhlin on projects and exhibitions. At this time she was also active within the discourse of craft art and initiated the journalKunsthåndverkin 1979. Her work has been purchased by the most important Norwegian collections, and she has been awarded all the government grants it is possible to be awarded in Norway, as well as winning the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts'  Honorary Award in 2005.

She has always based her work on well-known ceramic forms: pots, dishes, cups, bowls and tiles, which she sees as providing an interesting basis for artistic expression. While her earlier work was characterised by restrained ornamentation, with matt, dry surfaces and earth colours, and, in some cases, large formats, in recent years, she has used clay, glazes and lustre colours to create more painterly, coloured surfaces within a framework of smaller objects. Her new work has a subdued and abstract expression. Details in the glazes are brought out by the ceramic process, giving each object a distinctive character.

All way back to the 80s, working with the journal Kunsthåndverk, Malterud has been engaged in reflection and discourse linked to working as an artist, and she has written several articles on her own work and subject area and on art education and artistic research (link: KHiBs oppslag InFormation). These are archived on her own website:

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