Trond Lossius and Synne Bull

Re: place

Re: place is an artistic research project, funded by the project programme of the Norwegian national programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts. The project runs from October 2012 - December 2013. The main public showcase for the project will be an exhibition, screening and concert programme at KinoKino, Sandnes.
The presentation for Sensuous Knowledge will be a PROGRESS REPORT which will discuss the main and sub-themes of Re:place within the context of a summary of ongoing projects in development. The presentation will be given by a group consisting of project initiators Jeremy Welsh (KHIB), Synne Bull (KHIO) and Morten Eide Pedersen (Griegakademiet, UiB) together with project co-ordinator Trond Lossius (KHIB).
Re:place is concerned with the issue of PLACE and how this is discussed, described, explored, investigated,
deconstructed, constitututed and elaborated thruogh a variety of signifiying practices within the visual, cinematic, performing and sonic arts. Each of the three participating institutions, together with further collaborative partners from contemporary art organizations (BEK, Atelier Nord), will, over the course of Re:place's 16 month duration, arrange intensive workshop-seminars, discussion groups, presentations and will develop a number of artistic projects within the framework of Re:place. These projects will be showcased in a final exhibition in 2013.
Within the framework of a 30 minute presentation it will only be possible to discuss a small selection of the various elements that make up Re:place. These will include:

Heaven Can Wait: an ongoing project by Bull.Miletic (Synne Bull & Dragan Miletic)
In Heaven Can Wait,the revolving restaurant is treated as an optical device, where the attributes of elevation,
enclosure and mechanical motion evoke a cinematic experience. To claim the view from a revolving restaurant to be of a cinematic quality can be understood in line with the experiments of the expanded cinema movement in the 1960s and -70's, which intended to re-negotiate the relationship between cinematic and real space, and physical and mental space. Just as traveling on a train or in a car can recall watching moving images on the silver screen, the concentric journey in the revolving restaurant's magnificent panoramic view inspires ponderings on mediated movement and time in film and video. Through the research project Re:placewe will further develop this project with both new recordings and research into different possibilities for installation at KinoKino. A significant part of this research also involves working on the audio for this specific site. A written account of the work will also be published during the period of the exhibition in fall 2013.

SMS Bamboo Forest: Jeremy Welsh
An ongoing project started in 2009, and continuing through Re:place. Taking its starting point in a series of
photographs made in a Chinese garden in Sydney in 2009 and 2011, this project reconstitutes, reconstructs and rematerializes aspects of a specific place, relocated in time and space, transposed through a variety of media. An early version of the work will be exhibited in Bergen (Rom 8, KHIB) in October 2012 as part of the first Re:place workshop-seminar. Extracting parts of the photographic series, which records small, personal messages carved into the stems of a bamboo grove, the project examines the practice of marking a place with a short message (graffiti), releases these messages (in English, Chinese, other languages, or purely graphic symbols) from their context and material support, and rematerializes them through a variety of media including digital video projection, digital jacquard weave and audio. In collaboration with Trond Lossius, a soundscape will be developed that is partly a "translation" of the bamboo inscriptions into auditory signals, and partly an exploration of the sonic qualities of the material bamboo itself.
As the title suggests, the physical, engraved markings in the source images are conceptually connected to the contemporary online culture of instant messaging, social media, global positioning and online mapping.

Soundscapes and sonification of images. Morten Eide Pedersen/Trond Lossius
A discussion of ongoing research at Griegakademiet into new compositional methods that create or augment a spatial dimension, or that "sonify" audio-visual works in film and video. The research at Griegakademiet will involve both theoretical discussions of relationships between sound and image, especially in relation to ways it has been used to represent or investigate urban space (city symphonies), and the development of new, experimental wortks, some of which will be direct collaborations between composers and visual artists. 

Updated information about Re:place will be posted periodically online at http://replace-project.blogspot.no/ 

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