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Mira Sanders

The act of tracing a Roman road A fragment of le journal d’un usager de l’espace

The act of tracing a Roman road is a phd practise-based research project that contributes to a deeper 
understanding of the subtle in the landscape of the (vanished) Roman road (fig. 1), running from Boulogne-sur-Mer till Köln (France - Belgium - The Netherlands - Germany). Through artistic approaches I
trace phenomena that may reveal (or not) possible cultural boundaries since among others, the Belgian
language border is almost overlapping with this Roman road. The act of drawing, the act of encountering, the (re-)implacement, incorporating place, the topos-poetry of a place as artistic approaches help us to interpret, to image, to appropriate, to re-edit existing images and to represent landscape.

Le journal d'un usager de l'espaceis a phrase that I borrow of Espèces d'Espaces, a book of the French author Georges Perec and that entitles my whole artistic practice. Perec's book is about the everyday and how we (can) see. He maps out our cultural conventions and let us realize that we are victims of our own traditions in perception. Le journal d'un usager de l'espaceis bounded to the journey of life and wonders if perception to the subtle of place, can be encouraged again. Through, inter alia, notes, drawings, videos, photographs, soundscapes and installations, I represent (intimate) experiences with places. The walking is one of the artistic processes to approach and to encounter places. This process gives the opportunity to take the time needed to incorporate the place by all senses. I focus on an accurate detection of subtle peculiarities of a place, collect the parts of it, register and re-edit them into new representations.

The act of tracing a Roman roadprovides a vehicle for knowledge and creates 4 types of albums : 

Albums type #1: Incorporating places in and around the Roman road.These albums contains observation drawings, photographs, video (rushes), found artefacts/trash. Exploring by way of experiencing, different kinds of registrations/observations (scale/time/rhythm/technical/...). (phase 1 of the Phd: September 2012- September 2013)

Albums type #2: A topography of subtle phenomena on the Roman road.This phase is deepening
in on specific locations and develops new notes, drawings, photographs, audiovisual recordings. (phase 2: 2013-2014)

Albums type #3: A topos-poetry = a montage of (created) tableaux of the Roman road. These
albums include tableaux in which the montage plays a central role (mixed media, 2D & 3D, printed matter). (phase 3: 2014-2015)

Albums type #4: Juxtaposing and contextualising The act of tracing a Roman roadamong other
related artistic practices as oeuvres of David Maljkovic, Bertold Brecht, Kurt Schwitters, Janet Cardiff,
Mark Dion, Marcel Broodthaers, Adrien de Montigny and William Turner. These albums juxtapose and
contextualise by experience methods as parallel encyclopedia, mnemosyne atlas, imaginative perception,... (phase 4: September 2012-2016) 

For the Sensuous Knowledge Conference - Tal(k)ing placein January 2013, I would like to present 
the ongoing investigations and developments of The act of tracing a Roman road (albums type #1) juxtaposed and contextualised with related artistic practices of Kurt Schwitters, William Turner and Adrien
De Montigny. 

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