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HomePlace – here or there

A train is like a long corridor , a long thin aeroplane like experience. Half the people face one way and half the other regardless of the direction of travel. It moves you from one place to another.

I travel on the train every day for 4 hours between homeplace and workplace. What takes place in the interlude is a subtle transition between the rural and the urban. In winter this transition is also from darkness to daylight and back again.

If you sit facing the direction of travel you feel like you are being pushed along, if you sit with your back to the direction of travel you feel like you are being pulled.

This constant tug o' war between two places is narrated by both change in the exterior view and the interior cast of characters . It is also punctuated by regular train announcements and irregular phone conversations, sometimes performed as if both parties were at opposite ends of a field with megaphones.

The view from the window is ever changing while the interior landscape is fixed for the most part. Each station produces new additions to the cast , some picking up conversations where they left off the previous journey. A curious feature of a train journey from Rural to Urban each day is that no one ever gets off while on the return leg no one ever gets on. The 4 hour return is like a filling and emptying of a vessel.

Each window plays its own unique movie, the perspective is in a constant state of flux. Work , relaxation, eating, reading, talking and sleeping all continue in this unique environment.

My presentation will talk about what takes place on any given journey.

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