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Andrew Brown

The Way Back: Inhabiting place and ‘the present’.

About the project

Emerging from a well-established participatory performance practice ('Open City') that facilitates 'place-making' through the activation of groups in mainly urban contexts, I propose a parallel photographic practice-based research project entitled 'The Way Back'.

Functioning both as document of ongoing process/journey, and an invitation to step out of it, the conjoined images of paths forward and back explore 'the present' and resistance to the gravitational pull generated by points of destination, the populated zones beyond the horizon.

Referencing notions of wayfaring (Tim Ingold) and non-place (Marc Augé) the presentation will describe tactics employed in the recovery of agency, open-ness to seduction by the edges, and the problematisation of the straight-ahead road.



Issues for consideration

  • How might the medium of photography most appropriately address the phenomenological?


  • Whilst creating 'place' do aesthetic considerations (ie the frame) inadvertently leak the essence of it?


  • Might the temporal space between two shutter clicks equate to physical space/place?


  • Where might 'place' be located within the artwork, perhaps in the gap between the conjoined images, in the viewpoint of the camera, elsewhere, or not at all?


Andrew Brown, Nottingham Trent University, UK

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