Alex Arteaga

emerging environments An aesthetic research framework

emerging environmentsis a framework to research the arising ofthe phenomenal environments out of our sensorimotor interaction with the physical surrounding space.This framework isbased on two mainideas. First,the idea that our environment -the meaningful place in which we live - is not a given reality but anemergent process,conditioned by the structure of our physical surroundings and by our perception-guided actions. This concept has been developed in the context of the embodimenttheories by Francisco Varela, Evan Thompson, Alva Noë and Shaun Gallagher among others. The second idea consists of considering a specific artistic practice as a medium in which the process of emergence of the environment can be aesthetic-cognitively accessible. Through anaesthetic intervention, i.e. throughan modification of the perceivable 

surroundings, a form of interaction with the environmentcan be triggered: a form of interaction that allows to understand in a immediate way -to understand inand throughthe aesthetic experience - the generative function of our actions in theemergenceof our environment. 

The structure of the site-specific projects that have been realized in the framework of emerging environmentsis based on the relationship between two spaces: the performative space and the installative space. Both spaces can occur in the same geographic place, in two intersectional places, occupy two different ones or be included in one another. In the performative space audio or video material is recorded by performing a specific walking practice. This practice is characterizedby a suspension of the own will in order to be able to walk "being moved"by the perception of the space. On the one hand artistic practices like dérive or flanierenand on the other hand practices of walking meditationare concrete references for the definition of this kind of practice. The recorded material is reproduced,without any processing,in the installative space. 

The resulting installation is conceived as a transformative tool that can propitiate a change in the

way the visitors interact perceptively with the environment.

Since 2010 Alex Arteaga has realized five site-specific projects in the framework of emerging environments: in the Akademie der Künste Berlin, in the Festival Singuhr Hoergalerie (Berlin), in the University of Coventry, in the Aalto University (Helsinki) and in the Department ofArchitecture of the Technische Universität in Berlin.

In the presentation of emerging environments in the context of the Sensuous Knowledge conference the concrete projects as well as their underpinning theories related to phenomenology, embodiment theories and the sensuous production of knowledge would be shown.



Alex Arteaga researches the aesthetic production of knowledge with artistic and philosophical 

methods, strategies and practices. He is the head of the Auditory Architecture Research Unit at

the Berlin University of the Arts and research Fellow at the Collegium for the Advanced Studies of

Picture Act and Embodiment (Humboldt University Berlin)

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