Presentation in group sessions

This year Sensuous Knowledge received over 80 proposals for presentations at the conference. Out of these 25 were selected to present their own practice-based research projects, which were discussed and commented upon by peers within working groups.

Mira Sanders: The act of tracing a Roman road A fragment of le journal d'un usager de l'espace

Anthony Hobbs: HomePlace

Ivar Frounberg: An Unmusical Music

Maria Georgaki: The Museum and the Art School as Locations of Haptic Knowledge, learning and teaching, object

Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir: Feral Attraction: borderlands and representation


Christoph Lang: Art handling


Line Daatland: OUT OF THE FRAME, Reinventing a bourgeois gallery

Frank Westermeyer: Producing Landscape - Producing Identity


Lisa Tan: Sunsets

Åsa og Carl Unander-Scharin: Spacing Opera Mecatronica


Neil Brownsword: Resurrecting the Obsolete

Anne Britt Ylvisåker: Use or abuse


Lara Perry: Meeting on the floor

Chloë Brown: Looking for Hyperborea


Trond Lossius and Synne Bull: Re:Place


Ben Dalton: Data as Place: Aesthetics and Geopolics of Data Centre Architecture

Johan Sandborg and Duncan Higgins: In A place Like This

David Prior:Art from History: A case study in using oral history recordings in the creating of a sound installation

Steve Dutton and Alec Shepley: Artists' practice and terrain as places

Roland Ljungberg: A walking history


Alex Artega: Emerging environments

Jens Badura: Interactive walls -an experience catalyst project

Renate Quehenberger: Quantum Cinema - a digital Vision Beyond sensuous knowledge


Kevin Atherton: Displacement, journey

Andrew Brown: The Way Back: Inhabiting place and 'the present'

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