Sensuous Knowledge 7

Ta(l)king Place in Town With the 7th conference, The Sensuous Knwledge Conference came to town – bringing the conference into the contemporary art world.

Sensuous Knowledge 7, held in Bergen on the 23rd - 25th January 2013, was a unique collaboration between Bergen Academy of Art and Design and the Art Museums of Bergen and this year took place amid the Art Museum's collections and exhibitions in the city of Bergen.

Close to ninety delegates from ten different countries and 36 higher arts institutions and museum sector gathered in interdisciplinary groups for three days to participate and focus on discourses and critical reflection surrounding artistic and museum research.


Three keynotes, together with the collections and exhibitions within the Art Museums of Bergen, provided an inspiring background for the conference.


The keynote addresses were: 

"See with a feeling eye: feel with a seeing hand" given by: Esther Leslie, Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck College London.

"Superflex" by the Danish artist group Superflex.

"Imagined Places" given by Anke Bangma, curator contemporary art, Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

More details and videos of live stream from keynotes. 


In addition, Eli Okkenhaug og Bjørn Inge Follevaag curators of the current exhibitions within the museum held curator talks in the galleries.

The Sensuous Knowledge series has developed and is distinguished by its particular format. Each participant is part of a small collaborative working group in which they remain for the duration of the conference - apart from key notes, gallery talks and other plenary and social activities. The intention is provide a possibility to discuss and debate with international colleagues with the intention of promoting mutual constructive dialogue and critical reflection.

Sensous Knowledge 7 focused on presentations that appraised, examined, deconstructed, interrogated or in an alternative manner articulated how places of all kinds are appropriated, created, depicted, experienced,

talked about, used, or by other means made subjects for signifying practices in, through, or by way of the arts.


List of presentation in group sessions.



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