The Sensuous Knowledge Conference

The Sensuous Knowledge Conferences started in 2004 as an international venue for presentation and discussion of artistic research projects. The overriding purpose of these three-day working conferences is to contribute to the creation and refining of a discourse for critical reflection on artistic research.

The conference series are noted for their special format: The few acclaimed keynote speeches in plenary sessions are inspiring backgrounds for the rigorous work in smaller groups where participants present their own artistic research projects. Here they and commented and discussed by peers. The conference's format is structured so that the groups remain the same throughout the whole conference enabling the discussions to develop and evolve.   

Bergen Academy of Art and Design has had the initiative and sole responsibility for the six initial SK conferences, all arranged at Solstrand Hotel south of Bergen. Three of these conferences had funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

Website for Archive of SK conferences 2004-2009

The conference also spawned a publication series:
The Sensuous Knowledge publication series  

Sensuous Knowledge 7 
Sensuous Knowledge 7, was held in Bergen 23-25 January 2013.

The SK 7conference was a unique collaboration between Art Museums of Bergen and Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Framing the new context for the conference took place within the facilities of the Art Museums of Bergen. 

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Photo: Dag Fosse

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