Sandborg & Higgins: Publication 'In a Place Like This'

'In a Place Like This' explores the echoes of places, people and a terrible history being repeated. The central question to the project is the difficulty we face when we try to communicate our most intimate experiences to others. The discrepancy concerns the very structure of testimony itself - the language of image and its representation and how to make ideas and emotions visible. Our hope is that this exploration is neither an explanation nor a mystification, rather it attempts to propose visual discussions.

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Johan Sandborg, Professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB (NO)
Duncan Higgins, Professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB (NO) and Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design (UK)

'In a Place Like This' is assembled as a montage, an interwoven idea, in an attempt to review a narrative within the landscapes in which it is inscribed. The printed hardbound edition of 'In a Place Like This' by Johan Sandborg and Duncan Higgins is consisting of three separate sections that together form this singular volume. The sections are constructed to function as a complete interwoven idea. The first section is the visual exploration constructed as a dialogue specifically assembled for this adaptation. The second section is a textual response to the questions, dialogues, and processes that have emerged during the process of the project. Section three is a repository presented as a catalogue of the unedited 'raw data' that was used in the visual dialogue in section one.

'In a Place Like This' follows a project by Sandborg and Higgins into the relationship between images, focusing upon the photographic and the painterly. In essence the papers look at the crisis of image making, exploring the potential of the image, whilst also critiquing the facticity of the image. They undertake this by questioning the importance of the photographically 'recorded' image against a/the painted representation from the photographic. The two authors explicate from different angles their personal relationship to these themes and the mode of writing explores the manner in which they come to image making, whether that is the taking of images (the photograph) or the working from a found image through painting subsequently opening up vital themes in response to our relationship with image making today. The book contains multiple representations of their work, intersecting throughout the publication. The inclusion of these images is crucial in allowing the reader to begin to visualise the questions being explored. The methods used explore the artistic research from both practical and theoretical positions, whilst also presenting the importance for dialogue and debate between different processes of working. The project explores the crisis of image making from the point of view that this 'crisis' is an exceptionally creative space; the questions inherent in it become methods for making and taking, or capturing, images."

-Dr. Alistair Payne, Interim Head of School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art.

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The publication 'In a Place Like This'

155 pages
Works and text by Johan Sandborg & Duncan Higgins
Edited by: Johan Sandborg & Duncan Higgins
Design by: Johan Sandborg & Duncan Higgins
Printed by: Interface Media, Oslo
Published by KHiB, 2013
ISBN: 978-82-8013-094-5

About Johan Sandborg
Since August 2010 Johan Sandborg has been Pro-Rector at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).

Johan Sandborg has worked extensively as a photographic artist since 1978 and has had major exhibitions in Norway, Europe and America.

His work spans from personal snapshots, photographic landscapes to digitally generated images, and deals with the relationship between the reader and the photographic image.

The photographic image is by far one of the most dominate object in the western culture. We rely on it to make sense of the world around us. Though it's surface we experience events that are beyond our immediate surroundings. In many cases we trust the photographic image more that we trust our eyes. As an artist I'm skeptical of this ease of acceptance, but at the same time I'm fascinated by luring powers of the photographic picture.

About Duncan Higgins
Duncan Higgins is Professor II in Visual Art at Department of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Duncan Higgins uses painting to explore how to (re) integrate images through art into historically active conversations concerning both shared history and contemporary experience of violence. He explores how the production of painting can communicate an understanding of violence, faith and place through a research process involving the production of paintings, photographs, videos, texts, critical reflection and fieldwork.

About the publisher, Bergen Academy of Art and Design

The focus on artistic research and development is a key aim of the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Through a series of internationally peer reviewed publications KHiB contributes to the debate and development related to contemporary visual art and arts education.

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