Johan Sandborg: Biography of a photograph

Johan Sandborg, Associate Professor at Subject Area Photography, released the book "Biography of a photograph" in February 2007.

Biography of a photographJohan Sandborg (2007)
ISBN 82-8013-060-8
Price NOK 200

Johan Sandborg's publication Biography of a photograph consists of 33 images and an essay entitled "Do photographs fade on the moon?". The images together with the essay is an artistic attempt to discuss some fundamental theoretical perceptions surrounding photographs.

The importance of the photographic image today is beyond doubt, but in its predominant state it is mostly perceived as transparent and documentaristic. The tendency is to look beyond the image and onto what is actually depicted, overlooking the aesthetics of the photographic vocabulary and expecting the "real" to emerge. Despite much of the theoretical discourse in the photographic field this simple notion has emerged to an increasing and overshadowing practice. The book attempts in various ways to question and reflect upon the validity and limitations of such an idea.

The essay "Do photographs fade on the moon?" is divided into the following five paragraphs:

  • The photograph and the memory
  • The presence of pictures
  • Martians on the moon
  • Obstructing the photographs
  • Afterthought

Johan Sandborg is Associate Professor at KHiB.


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