Jan Pettersson: Photogravure

Jan Pettersson, former Associate Professor at Dept of Specialised Art, Subject Area Printmaking, has recently launched the book “Photogravure. An Archaeological Research”. The publication is a result of an artistic research and development project at KHiB.

An Archaeological Research

Jan Pettersson (2007)
ISBN 82-8013-059-4
Price NOK 300

“Photogravure. An Archaeological Research” is a book that deals with the essential definition of what the “real photogravure“ is. The question of what the ‘real photograph’ is in relation to photogravure is also a topic that is addressed. One of the goals of this book is to think analytically on different levels about problems within this media. Historical aspects of the media as well as the contemporary context are discussed; examples are put forward to pinpoint and analyze differences. Traditional technical aspects are examined and new technical developments that are grounded in the research are presented.

The author’s hope is that this book will help to answer these questions and resolve other confusions over the photogravure process that has plagued it for the past century. Together with the book there is a DVD instruction video that shows the technical aspects of the process from start to finish.

Jan Pettersson’s "Photogravure: An Archeological Research" has been reviewed by Rod Davies. It was first published by the Print Council of Australia in IMPRINT, Autumn 2008, Vol. 43, No. 1, p. 4. Please read the review here:


Buy this publication: Order this publication by email to khib@khib.no or by visiting KHiB in Strømgt. 1, Bergen.

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