Eamon O'Kane: Publication 'Hybrids'

The publication 'Hybrids' presents two bodies of work that has ran parallel in O'Kanes artistic work. The first body of work uses his parents' house, the house he grew up in, as its main subject. The second body of work examines among other things the legacy of Friedrich Fröbel on modern society.

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Eamon O'Kane is Professor of Visual Art at the Department of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

The publication 'Hybrids' comprises three texts and a rich photographic documentation of his work. In the first text Eamon O'Kane contextualises several strands within his art practice to reflect on his most current artwork and how it relates to contemporary society. In an interview researcher and writer Gideon Fink Shapiro questions Eamon O'Kane about how architecture and design are addressed in relation to sources of inspiration in O'Kane's artwork. Dr Angelica Nollert examines how the artworks relate to Eamon O'Kane's earlier practice and situates them in relation to contemporary art with references to relational artwork and the history of interactive installations in art.

The publication 'Hybrids'
143 pages
Works and text by Eamon O'Kane
Essays by:Eamon O'Kane, Gideon Fink Shapiro, Angelica Nollert
Edited by: Paula Crabtree, Johan Sandborg, Anja Musiat
Design by: Eamon O'Kane
Printed by: Interface Media, Oslo
Photographs by: Eamon O'Kane et al
Published by KHiB, 2013
ISBN 978-82-8013-093-8

About Eamon O'Kane
Eamon O'Kane's current research involves among other things the examination of the legacy of Frederich Froebel on modern society.

The result of his research mainly takes the form of interactive installations, that have been shown in exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Limerick, Quimper and Dublin Contemporary 2011, taking inspiration from artists, architects, and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky and Charles Eames, educated in early childhood using the methods of Frederich Froebel. These highly interactive installations cross a wide range of disciplines and social structures examining Froebel's legacy whilst exploring the links between the natural world and the development of creativity.

Beginning with the historical context of the research my artworks develop the argument that within Froebel´s legacy we can locate the seedbed of modern art. Froebel designed the educational play materials known as Froebel Gifts, or Fröbel gaben, which included geometric building blocks and pattern activity blocks. With its emphasis on abstract decomposition and building up from elemental forms, the original kindergarten system of the mid-nineteenth century created an education and design revolution that profoundly affected the course of modern art and architecture, as well as physics, music, psychology and the modern mind itself.

Eamon O'Kane is currently working on a series of permanent public artworks for a dementia care home in Bristol, UK. This commission will be completed in early 2013

Social interactivity: Eamon O'Kane's installations could also be referred to as archives or "research-based-projects". They are participative in the sense that the audience can change the work by using the materials placed at their disposal. In a truly experimental way the straightforward boundaries between production and reception have become permeable.

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