Topographies of the Obsolete. Exploring the Site Specific and Associated Histories of Post-Industry

The focus of the project is on the landscape of post industry, explored through artistic research projects with a foundation/taking its point of departure in workshops/residencies in the closed Spode Factory site in Stoke on Trent. This site offers multi-faceted scope for creative interpretation through its socio-economic histories, industrial architecture, production- and material remnants.

Funding: The Project Programme under the direction of The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and KHiB
Duration: 2012-2015 (three years)
Project Leaders: Anne Helen Mydland, Professor and Neil Brownsword, ProfessorII of Ceramics and Clay, Department of Fine Art, KhiB
Project Assistants:

Jane Sverdrupsen (MA at KHIB 2013)

Corinna Thornton (MA 2011)


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Topographies of the Obsolete

from first work shop

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