In a Place Like This

"In a Place Like This" is a collaborative on-going research initiative between Johan Sandborg and Duncan Higgins. The main research question is taken and expanded from the work explored through unloud (Higgins) combined with Sandborg’s artistic research into photography and Place Identities: photography as document and the condition of photography as a construct for social memory.

"In a Place Like This" sets out to investigate and expand the issues and critical discourses within our current collaborative research practice. The central focus for the research is concerned with how art, in this instance photographic and painted image making and text, can be used as an agent or catalyst of understanding and critical reflection.

Of central concern is the questioning and re-positioning of: actualising archives - painting - memory embodied - trans - historical narratives of place - constructed or reconstructed histories of place - interstitial places or "non-places" - transitional zones. 

The ongoing archive of the project www.inaplacelikethis.com


The project has developed into a series of peer reviewed publications, a printed hardbound edition consisting of three separate sections, a unique large format book (60 x 45 cm), consisting of over 150 pages of photographs and drawings and a digital edition that will have the possibility to evolve and shift as the project develops.
The aim of the publications is to bring together the work, ideas and discussion that have resulted from 3 years of research within the project. At the same time we wish to use the publication as a means to investigate and develop our artistic methodologies, combining critical artistic reflection and the dissemination of the research together, in order to open up and address the on-going aims.