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Rom8: Indisciplinary Behaviour

Alistair Payne, Glasgow, adresses indisciplinarity through themes across the painting surface and the painted surface, as well as through projection and the moving image in his artistic research. The exhibition 'Indisciplinary Behaviour' opens on 9 January in Rom8 at 5pm with an artisttalk followed by discussion and opening of the show at 6pm. You can visit the exhibition till 19 January 2014.

Alistair Payne is an artist, PhD and Head of the School of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art.

Indisciplinarity[1], at least an exploration of that which sits between, a form of remove, or externality, can inform a particular critical engagement with painting. This engagement is neither of the discipline, nor interdisciplinary, it is that which resides at the edge, that which is most subversive and contentious, offering out conjectural possibilities in order to explore other forms.

The complexity of stasis as a condition of painting is dependent upon the notion of persistence, a persistence that allows painting to develop through and into mutable hybridic forms. It also offers an engagement with the potential of the moving-image (and projection), whilst negotiating a 'return' to (and in-between) the facticity of painting and that, which is not.

The work in this exhibition addresses these themes across the painting surface and the painted surface, as well as through projection and the moving image. The exhibition shows the results of Payne's artistic research.

[1] Jacques Rancière and Indisciplinarity Art and Research, Summer 2008, ISSN: 1752-6388.

Dr Alistair Payne is an artist and the Head of the School of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. Previously he was the Undergraduate Programme Leader in Fine Art and before that MA Fine Art Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Painting) at The University of Wolverhampton. He has also worked at Manchester Metropolitan University in the Painting Department (2002-2005) and as a Visiting Lecturer at different UK institutions. In 2006 he was awarded a PhD from Chelsea College of Art, he also has a BA Fine Art Degree from The University of Hertfordshire and an MFA from The University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

During 2013 he published the book chapter 'The Virtual and Interdisciplinarity' in 'Digital Media and Technologies for Virtual Artistic Spaces' through IGI Global and exhibited new work at the Beton7 Gallery, Athens in 'The Ends of Art' and at The Fleming Collection, London. The book 'Painting as an Interdisciplinary Form' was published in 2008 and he has exhibited widely throughout the UK and also in the USA.

The exhibition 'Indisciplinary Behaviour' opens 9 January at 5 pm with an artist talk & discussion, followed by the opening at 6pm. The exhibition is open till 19 January.


Rom8 Opening hours
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Rom8 for Artistic Research
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Rom8 is a conduit for development, discussion and presentation of artistic research at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Rom8 is a 100 m2 space located at street level in the city centre. The space is used to develop and communicate processes and experiments with a particular focus on dialogue and critical reflection. The intention of Rom8 is to actively lift out processes of artistic research and allow sharing of knowledge both internally and externally.

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