Hilde Hauan Johnsen & Maia Urstad: HORIZON – exhibition and seminar

Hilde Hauan Johnsen, Professor at the Department of Fine Art, and Maia Urstad, sound artist, organises an exhibition and a seminar in Rom8 on 7 February 2013 5pm.

Horizon appears like a silver-lined horizon with waves of pulsating light. Unlike earlier works where threads are loosely bundled, this work illustrates a tightly woven technique thus referencing and age-old tradition. Fiber optic cables are used in telecommunication, applied science and engineering. In the series "01001" Hilde Hauan Johnsen and Maia Urstad uncover the hidden world of telecommunications. Sound compositions are an integral part of the work and add a theatrical dimension. The fiber and sound interact as the light is activated through the sound frequencies.

Wednesday 6 February: Working with sound from 6 to 8pm.
Thursday 7 February: Exhibition Opening at 5pm. Seminar at 6pm (program below).
8-10 February: Open exhibition from 3 to 7pm.

"On fiber and sound" Seminar Programme: Thursday 7 February 2013 at 6p
Intro: Maia Urstad, sound artist, and Hilde Hauan Johnsen, professor in textiles KHiB

Speakers (approx. 20 minutes each):
Charis Gullickson, Curator at The Art Museum of North Norway
Anne Hilde Neset, Curator and Critic with focus on sound art, composition and art music
Tommy Olsson, Artist, Curator and Critic
Soup made by Gabriel Kvendseth: approx 8:30pm

Listen to the radio programme "Kunstreisen" about Hilde Haun Johnsen's work with Gunnar Danbolt and Nina Skurtveit, Saturday 9 February, 4.30pm!


Image: Hilde Hauan Johnsen, Horizon (2012). Fiber optic sound installation. 40x1250 cm. Soundtrack Maia Urstad.

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