Key note Superflex skyped and streamed at Sensuous 7

Bjørnstjerne Christensen in the Danish artists' group Superflex was skyped and streamed at Sensuous Knowledge today.

"They see their work as something to be put to use. Thus the artists become tool-makers; they take note of the way the tools are used and have a partial say in their use. At the same time they also avail themselves of certain tools found in social and artistic praxis. It is the intention here to turn SUPERFLEX's notion of a tool back on itself: to shed light on the conditions of production, the influences, areas of discourse and strategies - the tools that is - that SUPERFLEX use in their own artistic praxis. And to ask, what discourse informs their work, what methods do they use, how do they fit into an art-historical context? In doing so it will only be possible to touch on wider themes since their function here is simply to encourage a multi-faceted approach to the work of SUPERFLEX. Let us begin by glancing into the SUPERFLEX tool box, to glean an insight into the discourse that applies to their work."

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