Bristol 2013 Seminar Presentation

KHiB students with group show in Bristol

Ten BA students from KHiB showcase their art works at the exhibition "Space Jam" in Gallery F-Block at the University of the West of England in Bristol from 29 January till 1 February 2013.

Photo: Students Martin Harkjerr Halse presenting his work. Anna Liljekrantz' projection to the right, Emil Keller Skousen's drawing in the back to the right.

This is the fourth time students from Bergen Academy of Art and Design exhibit in Bristol. In February, ten students from Bristol will show their works in Bergen. Also this year it's professor Rita Marhaug at KHiB and John France, senior lecturer at Center for Advanced Drawing, who organise the exchange. In addition to the exhibitions there is a seminar programme where the ten students from KHiB and the ten students from UWE present their works and their experience of the exchange.

Bristol 2013 Space JamThe collaboration between the University of the West of England (UWE) and KHiB has with this exhibition got its forth leg to stand on. Although a very flexible situation, the two institutions now see this yearly event as established. It is a tradition with a format. Throughout the years UWE and KHiB have kept a link to drawing and printing praxis, both understood in a wide context.

This year the act of image-making itself is a central theme to several students, from the very urge of making a mark to the more complicated situation of transport and distribution of the work. Social relationships expressed through artistic means and incitement to action or expression of their own position is another common thread to find in the works. And for all of them the next important exhibition will be the degree show in May. SPACE JAM is their steppingstone.

These students from KHiB participate
Andrea Evensen
Martin Harkjerr Halse
Christian Dugstad
Filippa Börjesson
Anne Larsen
Katja Maja Pedersen
Kamilla Mathisen
Hege C Thoresen
Emil Keller Skousen
Anna Liljekrantz

Download pdf with text and photos of the ten art works





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