White Out

Jeremy Welsh shows video in Bergen

From 16 till 27 January Professor and Dean Jeremy Welsh is showing the video work "White Out" (2002) in the window of Galleri S12 in Sparebankgaten in Bergen.

"White Out" was initially made for the exhibition "Dream vs. Reality" at Gallery F15, Jeløy, in 2002 and has since been included in several exhibitions, including "Where Am I Now" at the Museum for Contemporary Art in Oslo (2004) and an international video art exhibition at South London Gallery (2005).

In the catalogue for the Oslo exhibition, Andrea Krognes writes:
"The video shows the reflecting glass and mirrored surfaces of New York's mid-town district. We see people moving in front of, between, or behind these dazzling architectonic shells. The human figures lose something of their defining contours and melt and multiply into psychedelic ornaments. It is as if they were losing their bodily integration and slowly melting away. This fragmentation, distortion, multiplication, and disarrangement of people and space negates the idea of bounded or spatial anchored identity. These pictures radiate the power of the drifting and impenetrably flat and glossy images of our society of spectacle, in which no area of experience remains untouched by the capitalist process of commodification, the accelerated production and consumption of gadgets, entertainment and lifestyles."

This presentation is a collaboration between S12 and BEK, curated by Therese Longva and Anne Marthe Dyvi.



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