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Anke Bangma at Sensuous 7: "Imagined Places"

At Sensuous Knowledge 7, Anke Bangma's key note was about the exhibition "Imagined Places" at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. She has curated the exhibition.

Exhibitions and a growing circulation of images have historically played an important role in informing collective imaginaries of 'other' places. One impression that persists is that of a natural relation between place and cultural identity. But the accelerated mobility of people and of images complicates this relationship. As more and more individual and collective existences are shaped by displacement and multiple belongings, finding new understandings of our relation to place becomes a pressing cultural, and political, necessity. How can we imagine the dispersed space in which modern lives take place? To answer this question I will look at artists such as Bouchra Khalili, Zineb Sedira and Claudia Cristovao.

Anke Bangma is a curator and editor based in Rotterdam. She has been curator contemporary art for the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam since 2011.

Anke Bangma's exhibition Imagined Places can be seen at Tropenmuseum until 15 April, 2013.

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Anke Bagma and audience

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