Master students Exhibition in Bristol

Seven master students in Fine Art from KHiB are opening an exhibition titled "BETWEENtheFOUR" at the F-Block Gallery on The University of the West of England (UWE) campus.

How many dimensions are needed to describe the universe is still an open question. This exhibition is a comment to the recent scientific activity that question what we thought we knew about our spatial reality.

Seven artists from the Master programme at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Bergen have been picked out for this exhibition. These artists might find their work somewhere in between dimensions at times. Two dimensional elements might acquire a third, and venture out into space. …for a short time in the F-Block Gallery at UWE, Bristol.

The exhibition is curated by masterstudent Jane Sverdrupsen. 

Guro Gomo
Cecilia Jonsson
Iselin Kleiva
Ingeborg Annie Lindahl
Mirjam Raen Thomassen
Janna Thöle-Juul
Apichaya Wanthiang

"...the representation of coexistence is impossible in Time alone; it depends, for its completion, upon the representation of Space; because, in mere Time, all things follow one another, and in mere Space all things are side by side; it is accordingly only by the combination of Time and Space that the representation of coexistence arises."
                                                                                                          Arthur Schopenhauer

Three dimensions not enough
The term spacetime and its theories have broadened the description of the universe for us. Three dimensions were no longer enough. When time was added as a fourth dimension in combination with our three spatial dimensions, it was said that it made it possible to simplify a range of physical theories that describe our universe on different levels.

The theory of relativity has dominated the contemporary paradigm. It describes how gravity is a manifestation of spacetime curving around mass-energy. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva has in its search for new dimensions recently executed an experiment which produced results that conflict with the theory of relativity. If this is correct, what new theories will take over and shape our perception of the world? How many dimensions are there, really?

Open 7 February to 9  February between 12:00 - 17:00
F-Block Gallery UWE, Bower Ashton Campus.

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