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Welcome to the website for foreign employees and visiting researchers at the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. We hope to give you some useful and relevant information whether you are just visiting us for a short period, or moving to Bergen.


Working in Norway
In order to work in Norway, most persons will need to obtain a residence permit which includes a right to work.

Citizens from the EEA/EFTA countries may enter Norway freely, and take up employment right away.
You may stay and work in Norway for upto three months without a residence permit. For employment lasting longer than three months, you need to apply for a residence permit

Nationals of countries outside the EEA countries need to apply for a work permit from their own country, before arrival in Norway.

More information about work permits, types, and requirements is provided on the
Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website. 

Working for a Norwegian employer
All employees in Norway must have a tax deduction card. If your employer is Norwegian, you should visit your local tax office ( Skatt Vest, Bergen)  to obtain your tax deduction card.
Remember to bring your passport and valid residence/work permit, if you have one.
The tax deduction card will contain your D-number (non-resident personal identification number).
The tax deduction card is to be handed over to your employer.
If your employer does not receive your tax deduction card, 50 percent tax will be deducted from your wages. Read more about it here : About tax, tax deduction cards and tax returns

Applications for a tax deduction card must be made on the form Application for tax deduction card (RF-1209) and sent to the local tax office. Remember to bring your passport and valid residence/work permit, if you have one.


The local tax office is in close proximity to KHiB in Strømgaten.

National identity number or D-number
The application for a tax deduction card for foreign nationals acts as an application for a national identy number or a D-number if such a number has not been applied for earlier. The number is stated on your tax deduction card and is used to identify you to the authorities.  When you open a bank account in Norway, you must give this number to the bank. You must use the D-number or national identity number every time you come to Norway to work.

You must also state the number when applying for a new tax deduction card.

A national identity number is usually issued to foreign nationals staying in Norway for more than six months. 

A D-number is usually issued to foreign nationals staying in Norway for less than six months and to citizens of other Nordic countries who are not bringing their family to Norway. The number resembles the national identity number, but "4" is added to the first digit                                           

For more general and practical information, we will also recommend these sites: and 

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