Sif Ankergaard "I Will Say Something And You Will Understand It" Masterutstillingen 2015

MA Study Programme in Fine Art

MA studies provides the graduate student with artistic, methodological and theoretical tools to work professionally within the field of contemporary art. Application deadline: 1 February

Image: Sif Ankergård, "I will say something and you will understand it", 2015. Installation view Bergen Kunsthall.

The programme aims to help students develop a deeper understanding of art and related areas of contemporary culture. The current focus upon research within higher education will influence the further integration of practice and critical reflection and will influence the ways in which practice and theory are discussed at MA level.

The MA study programme in Fine Art has four core areas: Individual practice, exhibition practice, theory and writing. Each student defines her/his own artistic project which is developed over a two-year period through personal study, experimentation, critique and discussion with tutors and fellow students.

Broad range of media, materials, methods and techniques
to the students canwork within and across a broad range of media, materials and techniques, and students may combine these in a way that best suits the theme and the objectives of their MA project.

Study at MA level is centred around the student's own MA project, which may be formulated and developed in relation to any given medium or combination of media supported by many different facilities. The students have access to workshops, technical expertise and tutorial support for work with a range of media and materials, including ceramics, textiles, printmaking, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, video and digital art. An MA project does not need to be medium/media specific; it may be based on other criteria including site-specificity, social relations and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dialogue and critique
In addition to working on the development of the individual MA project, each student is required to participate in group activities including seminars, lecture series, group critiques and short courses aimed at sharpening critical focus and communication skills.

To support the development of critical reflection, the MA programme in Fine Art features a theory programme built around an annually changing lecture series and a number of thematic seminars, as well as student-centered discussion fora.
Within the Master's programme in Fine Art there is no division between "subject areas" - all students are expected to engage actively in a discussion that takes its starting point in issues that are central to the art practices of today.
Degree show
At the end of two years, after successful completion of the MA exam, the master's projects are presented in a public exhibition, currently held at Bergen Kunsthall. 

KHiB becomes a new faculty at the University of Bergen in January 2017
From 1 January 2017 Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) and the Grieg Academy at the University of Bergen (UiB) will merge to form a new faculty of fine art, music and design at UiB. All study programmes at KHiB remain, and students complete the programmes they were admitted to. KHiB’s academic environments remain the same.

Published: 9/26/2011 by Peter Klasson Updated: 1/19/2017 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen