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Do I have to be good at drawing to get admitted into the academy? I have been accepted at KHiB, but cannot be there on the start date? These and many more questions are answered here.

Before you have been accepted at KHiB:

Q: Do I need to have several years of working experience within art and design to qualify for a place at the academy?
No, not necessarily. Many of our applicants have a completely different background. For the class itself, having students of different backgrounds is beneficial as it makes for richer discussions and academic stimulus. However, the majority of those who start with us have previous training in art or design, either from an art school or some other academic school, community college or senior secondary school that offers art and design. What is most important, however, is that those who are admitted at the school are interested, committed and motivated and that they know something about the context they are entering into.

Q: Does the application constitute a great deal of work?
It can vary greatly. It is important that you thoroughly think through which material you want to submit. Some applicants know exactly what they want to submit, some need to make a selection of what they have available, while others need to sit down and produce work which can document the skills and qualities we are looking for.

Q: Do I have to be good at drawing to get admitted into the academy?
No, this is not a requirement. There are many other qualities that are emphasised (see the first question above). At the same time, good drawing skills are obviously no disadvantage.
Q: Is it difficult to get in to Bergen Academy of Art and Design?
We have far more applicants than places, and not everyone can be offered a place at the academy. This is why it is imperative that you are motivated to apply and get in, you have to really want it. The admissions committee will be able to see very quickly whether or not you are motivated. Good motivation will, in many instances, give you that extra lift which is crucial to convincing the admissions committee that you are a future student of the academy.

Q: Do I need to know Norwegian to get admitted into the academy?
KHiB offers no BA programmes in English. In order to participate in the MA programmes, the applicant must have a good understanding of Norwegian and/or English upon commencement of the course. English and Norwegian will be used in seminars, and tutoring will be offered in English. No formal proof of language proficiency (like TOEFL test or 'Bergenstesten') is required. However, we assume that applicants understand enough to participate in the classes.

Q: How much is the tuition fee?
Norwegian universities, state university colleges and art academies as a rule do not charge tuition fees for international students, and this also applies to KHiB. However, you should take into consideration that living expenses in Norway are higher than in many other countries. The cost of materials and books must be covered by the student. You must also pay a fee every semester to the Student Welfare Organisation SIB (at the time being NOK 470).

Q: Why can't I find Bergen Academy of Art and Design in the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS)?
Bergen Academy of Art and Design is not part of NUCAS. You have to apply directly to us.

Q: Can I participate in education abroad?
Yes. Once you have completed the first year you are entitled to apply for a student exchange place abroad. You can be granted an exchange abroad for the duration of one month to one year. Your studies abroad are integrated into your study programme, so you do not lose your study progression. Around 30 to 40 students from KHiB go out on exchange every year, and we receive more or less the same number of students at the academy.

Read more about student exchange here

After you have been accepted at KHiB:

Q: I have been accepted as a student, but I would like to take a gap year before starting. Can I reserve my place until next year?
In the event of being called in for military/civilian national service, pregnancy or other significant grounds, you are entitled to apply to reserve an already assigned study place for admission a year later. The application must be accompanied by documentation of the notice for national service, doctor's certificate, etc. and must be sent in within 3 weeks of you having received an offer of a study place at the academy.

Q: I have been accepted at KHiB, but cannot be there on the start date. What should I do?
If a student cannot meet up on the start date, a written application must be sent to student administration as soon as possible. Documentation of the reason for absence must accompany the application. The academy only approves absences when significant grounds for absence can be documented. Holidays are not considered significant grounds.

Q: I've received an acceptance to KHiB and now need a place to live. What do I do next?
For student housing, check out, you will find information on applications, prices, and anything else you might be wondering about. For private housing, take a look at,,, etc.

You are on the waiting list for a place at KHiB:

Q: I have not been accepted at KHiB, but I am on the waiting list. If someone does not meet up on the start date, would I get that place if I am there?
If supplementation becomes necessary due to either applicants withdrawing their application or not meeting up on the start date, the academy follows the waiting list. There is therefore no point in being present on the start date to get a study place.

Q: I have not been accepted at KHiB, but I am on the waiting list. How likely is it that I will get in?
This is a difficult question to answer because it varies from year to year. The best answer we can give is that you actually just have to wait and see. Places can become available right up until the start date.

You are a student at another art/design institution:

Q: I am studying at another art/design institution - can I transfer to KHiB?
If you have already started an education in art/design at another institution in Norway or abroad, you have to still follow the ordinary application procedure for admission to the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Should you be admitted here, you can then apply for exemption from parts of the curriculum. If your application is granted you can then join a class that is further along in the curriculum.
Further reading regarding admission and curriculum (see sidebar to the right)


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