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Bergen Academy of Art and Design has a strong focus on safety and has given safety training of all students a high priority. All students must participate at a safety course before they are allowed to work in the workshops. All students must also undertake a mandatory course in fire prevention at semester start.

Fire prevention
Take time to read through this information so that you can protect both your own and others' safety against fire.

Index of Substances
As a KHiB student, you have access to a web-based index of substances: SafeUse . The index of substances is an electronic archive containing information about chemicals that are hazardous to health, and other hazardous substances

A safety data sheet must be available for all harmful chemicals. It contains information about risk factors, first aid measures, protective equipment, waste removal and measures to be taken in the event of fire or unintended spills. Before starting work, you must familiarise yourself with the chemicals, the index of substances and the safety data sheets in the workplace. You have a duty to check whether a chemical is toxic, caustic, explosive or hazardous in other ways

Please consider whether hazardous substances or work methods can be replaced by less hazardous alternatives.

Instruction for study tours arranged by Bergen Academy of Art and Design
All students participating in study tours arranged by KHiB have to read and sign this form before departure.

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