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Course catalogue

The course catalogue provides an overview of KHiB courses, covering all programmes at Department of Fine Art and Department of Design. From August 2014 the course catalogue will be available on the learning platform itslearning.

The course catalogue gives information on courses, seminars, projects etc. for the whole academic year.

Students sign up for courses and projects by login to itslearning. New students and others who are new to itslearning, will receive user names and passwords at the beginning of the semester.

How to navigate in the course catalogue
To find your way in the course catalogue, the keys are the course codes in the right column, which are abbreviations for study programmes and which year of study the course belongs to.

BAK = BA Fine Art
BAR = BA Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture
BAV = BA Visual Communication
MAK = MA Fine Art
MAD = MA Design
PPU = Practical Pedagogical Education

The numbers behind the abbreviations refer to year of study. BAK1 refers to a course for first year's students in the BA programme in Fine Art. BAK23 refers to a course for students in both second and third year. The same code system applies for the other programmes.

By searching the code for your particular study programme and year of study, you will get an overview of the courses available for you.

Communicating with teachers and tutors in itslearning
When you have signed up for a course, you will receive information and updates on your courses in itslearning.

Click here for login to itslearning for KHIB.

Course catalogues for download

Spring 2017
Institutt for kunst: Bachelor 1
Institutt for kunst: Bachelor 2-3, Master 1-2 

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