Continuing & further education

KHiB aims to make its competence and objectives accessible through offerings in continuing and further education.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design plans to offer a wide range of courses and workshops aimed at artists and designers in need of upgrades and fresh knowledge.

Unfortunatly, the course descriptions are only in Norwegian. For more information go to the Norwegian Pages for Life long learning

Prominent aspects of KHiB
Further education and lifelong learning shall comprise prominent aspects of Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The offerings shall be developed in relation to KHiB other prioritised areas. Pilot projects in the form of further education can provide a basis for the establishment of more extensive academic offerings.

Relevant target groups include professional arts and design milieus as well as the general public. KHiB shall
provide space for offerings diverse in both content and form. An additional goal of further education and lifelong learning shall be the provision of external income.

Published: 11/4/2011 by Peter Klasson Updated: 3/19/2015 by admin