Studies in Textiles at KHiB equip students to work with textiles as materials and processes.

Textile art connects applied art and visual art, and is located at the point of convergence between the two. The art scene is dynamic, with boundaries between areas and approaches constantly dissolving or changing. The study programme aims to encourage from its own particular vantage point these developments together with diversity of expression.

Your personal development and the acquisition of a practical stock of knowledge about textile art are two of the central objectives of the programme. Critical analysis, an ability to formulate opinions in words, and discussions are essential to the development and presentation of your own work in a fast-moving art world. The programme gives priority to knowledge and appreciation of textile-related tools and approaches, and examines textiles in relation to space and architecture, function and installation.

The history and theory of art in general and textile art in particular are important in your development as a textile artist, and for contextualising your work with wider contemporary trends. On the technical front, you will be introduced to a wide range of textile-related and graphic techniques for constructing surface area and volume for treatment and embossing. Modern technology is one of these tools.

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