Studies in printmaking introduce you to printmaking techniques.

In a central theme of this programme we examine the ability of graphic art to absorb and transform impulses from other expressive media such as photography, painting and drawing. The historical emergence of printmaking as a means of mass communication demonstrates its power and contemporary significance. The Subject Area emphasises printmaking in its contemporary aspect, and combines older printing methods with today's computer technology.

The programme gives basic training in the following five areas: monoprinting, relief printing (woodcutting, linocutting), intaglio printing (etching, dry point, mezzotint, photo engraving etc.), silkscreen printing (serigraphy) and flatbed printing (lithography and offset printing). Associated technologies and tools, such as software, drawing and photography, are also important. You will be able to specialise in methods and techniques, such as photo engraving and collotype, during the programme.

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