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Studies in Photography have a strong emphasis on the development of a personal, independent artistic practice.

By challenging and investigating the relationship between photography and other visual as well as non-visual expressions, students are encouraged to understand their own work in a wider artistic context.

The programme incorporates today's technical production of photographic images, with a continuous emphasis on key photo-theoretical subjects. The intention is to provide the students with an empirical basis of the many visual and narrative qualities contained within photography. Representation, objectivity, subjectivity, and truth content, are important subjects in the curriculum. Parallel to photo-theoretical discourse, students are encouraged to analyse and critically reflect upon their work in group sessions or during tutor guided counselling.

Artistic work is accompanied by lectures and discussions which see theoretical, cultural and art-related topics in relation to the photographic idiom. The objective here is the development of your analytical approach to the visual language of photography and your own work.


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