New Media

Developments of global culture have radically shifted art production today, along with understandings and usages of media. Operations of the digital fully displace the fixity of original forms, conditioning our material culture as a coded matter readily sampled and networked across a distributed and augmented global reality.

Processing and networking of files, information copying, streaming and messaging radically condition new forms of behavior, and appear as performative activities paralleled by movements of migration, transnational economies, and immaterial labor.

New media practices expose and explore these relationships through experimental forms involving a range of analogue and digital materials and tools. Yet new media is not only a specific artistic or technological field. It is also fully integrated into art practice in general, whether in the form of web-sites and web-presence, documentation techniques and knowledge productions, as well as in the general conditions that enable networking, micro-organizing, and the facilitating of ideas and their circulation. New media is a fundamental cultural and social structure.
Studies in new media are focused on electronic and digital platforms, developed through a broad base of issues and methods aimed at exploring relational and open practices, new forms of poetics and narrative, and reflections on media culture today. This includes an understanding of and experimentation with audio and visual tools, live sensing and real-time work, and with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and cross-genre aesthetic strategies.

Areas of focus:
Sound & Moving Image
Live techniques
Sensing and Haptic Matters
Web Work
Micro-politics & open culture

Published: 3/14/2012 by Peter Klasson Updated: 6/3/2016 by Mia Kolbjørnsen