BA studies in Visual Communication

The BA programme in Visual Communication provides skills in communication through text and images for printed, interactive and time-based media. Please note that KHiB offers this BA programme in Norwegian only.

The programme covers basic subjects extensively - typography, drawing, colour and form, illustration and graphic design for classical as well as new media. Students are given experience with different technologies and media, enabling them to create innovative solutions for a field in rapid development.

The study
In the BA programme, we prioritise creativity and comprehensiveness. We provide a broad professional basis by integrating graphic design and illustration in one singular programme; visual communication.

The course programme is extensive with courses in a.o. typography, drawing, colour and form, illustration and imagery, information and identity design, communication design, book and editorial design, motion graphics, animation, 3D animation, video, web and interactive media. In addition the theory programme covers subjects such as typography and design history, methodology, understanding images as well as design in society.

Key themes

  • Good formal and functional solutions
  • Clear expressions in different media
  • Conseptual philosophy
  • Processual and methodological skills

What can you do when you graduate?
You can work with design and/or illustration of projects and products for: web design, interactive design, information design, identity design, wrapping, TV- and film productions, animation, book- and magazine design within the private or public sector. Former students work in Norway and abroad in large design- or media companies, small advertising agencies or as freelancers

Educational methods
We offer project based education with relevant software corresponding with course requirements. We emphasize individual tutoring as well as group work - also across subject areas.

Group presentations and exercises in critical reflection and presentation techniques are prioritised.

Applicants to the BA programme should master Norwegian or another Scandinavian language. Information for applicants is available in Norwegian only. Information aimed at prospective exchange students is available here.

Published: 9/26/2011 by Peter Klasson Updated: 8/17/2015 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen