Process Unfolding: Reflective Roaming – Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality

Research fellow Albert Cheng-Syun Tang shows a pilot exhibition of his ongoing research project “Reflective Roaming – Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality” in Rom 8, Vaskerelven 8.

2nd year research fellow Albert Cheng-Syun Tang is going to unfold the research processes through various media including texts, videos, objects and interactive installation.

Opening: 17:00, Friday November 18 2016
Place: Rom 8. Vaskerelven 8, 5014 Bergen, Norway
Exhibition period: November 18  – November 27 2016.

The exhibition is public and all are welcome.

About the project

We click, we swipe, we scroll, we look for.
We post, we like, we wait, we reload.
We search, we stare, we roam, we place order.

We are guided, we are informed, we are visualized.
We are indexed, we are analyzed, we are regulated.
We are fed, we are conditioned, we are informatized.

Are we individualizing or being individualized?
Are we consuming or being consumed?
Are we controlling or being controlled?
Are we working or being worked?
Are we performing or being performed?

Are we feeling connected after all?

Initiated by Albert Cheng-Syun Tang, this is an ongoing, practice-based research project questioning the status-quo of the technocratic promises that shapes economical and social-political dimensions in our everyday lives. What is the costs of being fully engaged with informative societies? How is humanity positioned in the intersection of information technology and market? How can design address these issues by a critical perspective? It is aiming to create spaces for critical reflection by visually and materially revealing the invisible relationships between design, information economy and humanity.

About Albert Cheng-Syun Tang
He is a designer, researcher and Taiwanese citizen who specializes in visual communication and has been exploring the possibility of converting design into critical practices. He is currently a research fellow at Dept. of Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design affiliated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

This project(2014-) is supported by the fellowship program of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

See and read more about the project here.

Published: 11/9/2016 by Mia Kolbjørnsen Updated: 11/21/2016 by Mia Kolbjørnsen