Turrell på befaring i Øystese. Bilde tatt av Helga Nyman i 2012

CANCELLED! Seminar about James Turrell's most northern Skyspace in Øystese

Cancelled! Kabuso, VISP and Bergen Academy of Art and Design's seminar affiliated with the renowned artist James Turrell's new artwork 'Hardanger Skyspace' in Øystese on 11 November.

Photo: Helga Nyman

The seminar is unfortunately cancelled.

The permanently installed artwork 'Hardanger Skyspace' is situated by the waterfront, a few meters from Kabuso contemporary art gallery. The artwork is a highlight in Kabuso's celebration of its ten year anniversary. The plans for 'Hardanger Skyspace' were initiated back in 2012. James Turrell's art investigates light and colour in installations with qualities that place them somewhere between art and architecture.

The preliminary program for the seminar will start off with experiencing 'Hardanger Skyspace' at dawn. The rest of the seminar will include presentations by artists Per Hess, HC Gilje and Toril Johannesen along with philosopher Christian Lysvåg. After the presentations there will be a discussion between seminar participants. The seminar will finish with a visit to 'Hardanger Skyspace' at dusk.

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Published: 9/26/2016 by Jane Sverdrupsen Updated: 10/17/2016 by Mia Kolbjørnsen