Assembly 2016

Warming up to Bergen Assembly 2016

Professor Brandon Labelle was one of the speakers when the Artistic Directors met representatives from the arts community December 2nd. Departing from his research project the Invisible Seminar Labelle presented his reflections on the next edition of the triennial.

Through the Invisible Seminar, questions around looking and the overlooked are addressed, pointing toward acts of sonic intervention, secret projects, smuggling operations, covert criticality and other methodologies of the hidden or erased to enliven debate on contemporary cultural practices and on representing the unrepresentable.

A wide variety of galleries, curators, artist collectives and other interested parties presented their initiatives, as well as thoughts and questions to the Artistic Directors. Following the initial presentations Irit Rogoff, member of the freethought collective, pointed out that the instrumentalisation of edcucation and the commercialization of art seemed to be common issues of interest.   

For Bergen Assembly, freethought will focus on its current main collective interest: "Infrastructure", a large-scale investigation of how the term can be wrested away from the language of planners and technocrats and put to creative and critical use within the cultural sphere.

With reference to the freethought initiative Labelle ended his presentation by stating his interest in exploring what Infraeducation might look like.

See and hear Irit Rogoff on Infrastructure
See and hear freethought member Stefano Harney on Study

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