Visibility: KHiB and Grafill host illustration seminar

Can illustration be used as an activist tool? This and several other questions will be explored when KHiB and Grafill host the seminar "Visibility – The International Illustration Venue 2014" 5 - 7 November in Bergen.

Dates: 5 - 7 November
Venue: Grand Selskapslokaler, Nedre Ole Bullsplass 1, Bergen

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Seminar topics:

  • Can illustration be used as an activist tool? We will explore the shift from text to image in visual culture and look at how images and visual symbols can be used to generate debate.

  • After the introduction of graphic novels and screen-based animation have Illustrators now found new venues for their personal expressions and opinions? And is there a borderline between art and illustration?

  • Dissemination Channels, animation and media-specific expressions will also be addressed.

In addition to the Keynote speakers and presentations, there will be workshops, exhibitions, screenings and evening programs.

Read more about the Visibility seminar and register here.

David Crow, Steve Simpson, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Joanna Rubin Dranger, Emma Rendell, Bjørn Hegardt / Fukt Magazine, Franziska Walther, Migrantas, LUSTlab, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Svein Størksen / Magikon Forlag, Kristian Pedersen / Gasspedal, Tord Torpe, Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen and Mervyn Heard.

KHiB's contributors are Rector Gerd Tinglum together with Professor Ashley Booth, Associate Professor Linda Lien and Research Fellow Fredrik Rysjedal from Department of Design.

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