Material Memory: Anne Helen Mydland speaker at conference

Professor Anne Helen Mydland at the Fine Art Department at KHiB is one of the invited speakers at the Material Memory conference in the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University on 14 November. The conference has its roots in the KHiB artistic reasearch project Topographies of the Obsolete.

Material Memory: The Post Industrial Landscape as Site for Creative Practice
The one day conference has its roots in the "Topographies of the Obsolete". A project initiated by Bergen Academy of Art and Design where a group of artists, curators and students occupied the redundant Spode Pottery in Stoke on Trent and created ceramics-rooted responses to the factory.

As artists have extended the range of their practice and exhibition beyond the studio and gallery, creative explorations of post-industrial sites have become increasingly topical. "Material Memory" will bring together artists, curators, landscape architects,
  musicians and cultural geographers to present live projects and debate the issues that such work raises.

More details regarding the conference

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