Linda Lien på EntreNord

Linda Lien in Breakout Session

EntreNord is an initiative under Kreanord, Nordic Council of Ministers. The focus is on entrepreneurship in the arts education across the Nordic countries. Linda Lien, KHiB Associate Professor in graphic design, contributed to the 2014 EntreNord Conference with a breakout session on assessment of students' work

Linda-Lien.jpgThe 2014 EntreNord Confrence took place in Copenhagen 13 and 14 November. It addressed the challenge of how to establish, teach, assess and evaluate on the basis of learning goals related to entrepreneurship and the self-efficacy of art students.

Linda Lien presented KHiB's assessment criteria in a separate breakout session which was offered twice during the conference. "Predictable assessment situations: Introducing qualitative criteria as a common reference for the assessment of students' work", was the title of her session, which aroused interest among the conference audience.

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Published: 11/21/2014 by Kari Bjørgo Johnsen Updated: 3/19/2015 by admin