Jannecke Heien in Rom8: A flawless terrain? Visions for the future

By means of 2 and 3-dimensional spatial drawing, a group of finance economists have been reflecting upon the possibilities of a perpetual economic growth over the next 100 years. They have made their thinking visible for an artist, as representative of the general consumer. Material from the workshop now constitutes the basis for an artistic process, and will be exhibited as video, drawings and installations in Room 8. Exhibition opening with panel discussion 26 November.

Exhibition opening and panel discussion:
26 November, 4 pm
Panel discussion with Frans Jacobi, Espen Stueland and other guests

Exhibition period:
26 November - 7 December

Rom8, Vaskerelven 8, Bergen

Rom8 opening hours:
Weekdays 2-6pm, weekends 12-4pm.

In the video, participants also share their views on the development of world economy. This initiative is an attempt to activate individuals who usually do not visualize much in their daily practice.

In terms of projective thinking, our cognitive apparatus is limited. We have difficulty understanding gradual changes and assessing future risk beyond a 15-20 year horizon. This autumn, a workshop entitled Visible future has been the venue for dialogue based artistic research - a form of social sculpture. Our imaginative ability has become challenged through the question why and how is perpetual economic growth possible? As an artist and tutor, Jannecke Heien has gathered a group of brokers and finance economists, initiated a discussion between participants, and lead processes of visualization of the participant's choice of economic theory.  As a group we've tried out what kind of impact the visualizing of quantities and lime lapse may have on our ability to imagine abstractly sized shapes and proportions in a distant future.


As profession, economists were invited as participants because in part it is within their field to assess future risk. Such assessments are based on professional judgment, but what role does the ability to envision or imagine play in professional judgment? In this exhibition, the concepts on which participants elaborate in drawings are expressions of a general human ability to imagine. This project has a dual purpose; through an investigation into concepts and visions of growth it seeks to shed light on the imaginative ability itself.
In a later phase, works of this first exhibition may be adapted in order to be exhibited in the buildings where participants are employed.

The project looks into the encounter, and how meeting across professional diciplines may raise interesting questions. One may ask how the act of visualization and discussion about longer time lines will affect our perception of man made models and their validity on ground level. (A macro versus a micro perspective)
How do models of growth look when practicioners of a profession draw these themselves?
How may a project of this kind contribute to the dicourse on our difficulties when it comes to envisioning future scenarios? And last - how may drawings and the performative actions of the participants be shaped artistically - in such a way that it expresses what this is - the ground on which we base our societies?


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