Julekort 2013

Christmas Card Competition 2014

All students and staff are hereby invited to participate in the KHiB christmas card competition 2014. Deadline to submit proposals is 8th December. The winner will be honored with NOK 2000.

Image: Detail of the KHiB Christmas card in 2014, when Eli Maria Lundgaard won the competition

KHiB's christmas card is sent digitally to partners at home and abroad. The card shall include the following text:

«God jul»  and   «Seasons' Greetings»

The KHiB logo must be placed at the top, whereas the name of the person who created the card should be placed at the bottom.

Please send christmas card proposals by e-mail to Vibeke at the reception in Strømgaten:

  • resepsjonen[at]khib.no

Deadline to submit proposals: Monday, 8th December

Published: 11/24/2014 by Kari Bjørgo Johnsen Updated: 3/19/2015 by admin