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Rom8: Not story telling, but story changing

Using design to highlight the opportunities, mobilise the locals and realize the ideas - at Laksevåg. This is an exhibition about Laksevåg, the people living there and their dreams for the future, and how some of the dreams might come true by Linda Lien and Bente Irminger, in Rom8 from 10 to 29 June.

Part One will consist of workshops, where Rom8 will be changed into an open design studio, welcoming people to take part in and reflect on a community development process. How could processes like this be inspiring and including? Dreams will be collected, illustrated, shared and discussed, with Lakseåg as case.

Part Two, taking place in November, will be an exhibition, presenting the result and conclusions from the workshops and the fieldwork at Laksevåg. What happened with the dreams?

The workshops and exhibition are part of an on-going research project at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. In the project «Not storytelling, but story changing» the goal is to actualise and challenge design as a catalyst in the development of society. This project started locally, in the designers' own communities. It grew out of a frustration of all the opportunities they saw, that it seemed like others ignored. They wondered about how little it would take to do something better. Through small, local projects, they observed how design could be used to highlight the possibilities and create action. The visual language is a powerful tool to find possibilities and inspire people to take part in shaping their own environments. The project is focusing on humanity and society, and how design could make a change.

NotBut is a group of designers Bente Irminger & Linda Lien from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, experimenting with design activism in relation to community development processes.

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