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Research Fellow Patrik Entian conducts his Viva Voce 14 March 2014

Patrik Entian Research Fellow at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB, conducts his Viva Voce on his artistic research fellowship project 'Looking for Painting' 14 March 2014 from 14 to 17 in Bergen.

Image: 02.35 13.08 2011. Pigments and graphite on MDF. 111 x 244 cm.

Time: 14 March from 14 to 17

Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB, C. Sundts gate 53, 6. etg., Bergen
Swedish and Norwegian
The Viva Voce is open for everyone

The expert assessment committee

Professor Ann Edholm, Sweden
Professor Anne Helen Mydland, Norway
Professor Johan Widén, Sweden

'Looking for Painting'
In his three-year artistic research fellowship project Patrik Entian has been in Bergen making paintings based on images from a webcam placed in Atka Bay in Antarctica. The camera uploads a new image every ten minutes. The purpose of painting this landscape at such a long distance has been a means of examining how painting serves as a way to question the world as it is shown to us today - as perceived through the computer screen's view of the landscape.

Patrik Entian's artistic research fellowship project 'Looking for Painting' examines the gaze of the landscape, the distance, the time and the closeness through the webcam images and primarily through painting and its materiality. Entian reflects on the observation of webcam images and how the interpretation of these function as an enquiry in order to show and discover the digital images of clear days, fog and especially technical disturbances through exposing them through the traditional medium of painting.

The Viva Voce will mark the end of three years as a research fellow through The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme - The Fellowship Programme. The basis for the committee's assessment is the exhibition 'Looking for Painting', showed at Rom8 for artistic research, during the autumn of 2011, and a written reflection on process, methods, artistic choices and results.

About the Research Fellow
Patrik Entian, born 1966 in Karlstad, Sweden, is based in Drammen (NO). He has a Fine Arts education from NTNU, Trondheim and from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Entian has had solo exhibitions  - 'Looking South - Looking for Painting', Trondheim kunstmuseum (2013) and 'About Watching', maerzgalerie, Berlin (2012), among others.

Patrik Entian has also had public art commissions at the Unversity in Bergen, University in Oslo (IFI2), Vesta's headoffice in Bergen, GC Riebers office in Bergen and Kalvatræet school.

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme - The Fellowship Programme read more
The National Norwegian Artistic Research Programme - The Fellowship Programme - was established in 2003, as the equivalent to scientific PhD programs. The programme deviates from traditional PhD programs by focusing on art- and design practises as key elements in the research fellow's projects.  

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